Thursday, July 9, 2009

AWWWWW BBQ in Austell

Several months ago Sonny's BBQ in Austell closed which left ZERO options for BBQ. I was not a huge Sonny's fan but those times when I wanted some BBQ it was there.
How happy I was when I passed by Mr D's BBQ. Small bldg with a big truck parked outside,flashing lights and a sign that read free samples...I am in!
After talking to the smoke master and him finding out I am from Texas the home of brisket he offered up a nice sized sample of um good!
Since I had a good sampling of the brisket I ordered something I thought most people would eat which is the chicken, here's my review....
Service-Good(Service with a smile)
Interior-Small but clean, most people were getting to go orders.
Food-I had Chicken,Yams , Baked Beans and a corn bread muffin. The chicken was a little drier than what I like but good overall.
Yams and Baked Beans were good.
The cornbread muffin taste like it was not baked fully. Taste a bit like dough.
Price-$9.45 1/2 a chicken,yams,baked beans and a corn bread muffin-Not bad.
I would go back as I am a big BBQ eater and this is the ONLY place in the neighborhood.

5029 Austell Rd
Austell, GA 30106
(770) 941-1297

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I never really noticed this place.

    Also, I would highly recommend Wallace Barbecue in Austell. I've loved that place since I can remember.