Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who knew food could be good-Six Feet Under

Food-A-I had the shrimp tacos(soft) with the home fries. The tacos were good. I could have done without the home fries.....very hard. I also had a root beer which I have not had in a lonnnnng time. Very refreshing:-)My girlfriend had the shrimp Po Boy-She said it was good(not as big and tasty as the ones in New Orleans) but good.
Service B-Felt like we were sitting there about 10 minute's. We finally called the host over who took and delivered our drink order. I went on this trip with a girlfriend but I do plan to go back with my hubbie.
Prices-A-$10.50 for the tacos and $9.50 for the Po-Boy.

415 Memorial Dr SE ,Atlanta, GA 30312(404) 523-6664

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